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Albert N. Martin Audio Messages
Comment: "Albert Martin's ministry proved to be a tremendous blessing in my own personal development as a Christian and as a pastor. Especially the Pastoral Theology course: it was like a treasure, I devoured [the tapes] – they were tremendously impacting in my life. He has had a powerful influence on many young pastors. — Jeffery S. Smith, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Florida (click here to hear this audio). Listen to Ted Donnelly's comments on the Pastoral Theology lectures: here. Listen to Paul Washer's comments on the Pastoral Theology volumes: here.    [more comments]

Are You Born Again?
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Live Recordings from
the Trinity Hymnal

Bridges Commentary on
Proverbs (browser)

e-Sword Bridges on Proverbs.
J. C. Ryle for e-Sword.

Manly Dominion
Mark Chanski

This series has been widely blessed of God and has had a life-changing effect upon many. After opening up the dominion mandate from Genesis, application is made to vocational laboring, decision-making, spiritual living, husbanding, child-rearing, courtship-managing, and warnings are given against "passive-purple-fourballism." The basis of his book of the same name.   [go]

Memorial Service for Marilyn K. Martin

This edifying memorial service contains contributions from Albert Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Achille Blaize, Pastor Martin's daughter & sister, a sermon by Ted Donnelly, songs, hymns, Scripture readings, and a closing prayer by Pastor Robert Fisher.   [go]

The Doctrine of Salvation Applied
Jeffery S. Smith / Brian Borgman

This academy course covers many topics: the ordo salutis, union with Christ, effectual calling, regeneration, saving faith, repentance, good works, justification, sanctification, adoption, perseverance, assurance and glorification.   [go]

The Doctrine of Last Things
Samuel Waldron

Dr. Waldron's academy lecture series on eschatology was the basis for his book called “End Times Made Simple.” This 17-part audio series from 2012 does just that — it makes this difficult Biblical doctrine very clear and easy to understand. An excellent series to recommend to your dispensational friends. [go]

Full Color Tracts

How to Be Sure

We live in a day when multitudes have been assured they are saved because they have walked an aisle, said "the sinner's prayer" or signed a decision card; yet they show none of the signs of being born again that are given in God's Word. Christ said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3). Therefore, assurance of regeneration is essential in order to have assurance of salvation. This tract shows from God's Word the urgent need for assurance and what changes will take place in the lives of those who have been born again. [go]

Down Life's Path (Poem)

"Down Life's Path" depicts the vanity and consequences of seeking happiness in the things of the world and gives the only solution, which is faith in Christ. Not only can this tract be useful for witnessing to unbelievers but also for encouraging believers. It serves as a reminder of the happiness they have in Christ, which is often needed in a world filled with sorrow. The poem "Assurance" is included so that people will know what changes to expect in their lives when they have saving faith. [go]

Note: We currently are not offering printed copies of these tracts, but you may print your own, or you can purchase them from Local Church Publishing. If you are shy or reserved and find it difficult to pass out tracts, please see our tract distribution tips.

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