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Are You Born Again?
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Live Recordings from the Trinity Hymnal

Charles Bridges Commentary on Proverbs
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Early Church History
Samuel Waldron (academy lectures)

What did the early Christians who immediately followed the Apostles in the years 100 A.D. thru 400 A.D. believe on issues such as The Lord's Day, Church government, eschatology, baptism, the deity of Christ, the tri-unity of God, the sovereignty of grace, ongoing prophesy, and other important issues? What was the process by which the New Testament canon was recognized? How can we be sure they got it right? How much weight should we place on the beliefs of these early generations? These and many other issues are addressed in Dr. Sam Waldron's excellent 32 part academy lecture series, Historical Theology: Early Church History. [go]

Infant Baptism: Is It Biblical?
Greg Nichols / Albert N. Martin

The truths graciously and clearly set forth in this epic series have been used by The Spirit of Truth over the past 31 years to convince many an "unconvincible" pedopabtist -- including the writer of these words. All 32 messages have recently been recaptured to MP3 format at a higher bitrate, using a set of donated original Trinity Pulpit tapes. [go] (scroll down past the first three series).

The Christian and Civil Authority
Samuel E. Waldron

With such alarming increases of unrest and unrighteousness amongst the nations, we do well to ask ourselves afresh: "what are the proper attitudes and actions of a Christan towards his civil government?" Pastor Waldron does a masterful job of openeing up and applying the longest passage in the New Testament addressing this issue: Romans 13:1-7 (or, as he argues: the last verses of Chapter 12 through Chapter 13 verse 8). [go].

Doctrine of Christ
Greg Nichols (academy lectures)

"For me to live is Christ" is the sincere confession of every one who has been genuinely united to Him by God. This excellent series on the Doctrine of Christ is set by pastor Nichols in the broader theological contexts of the person of God Himself, His great work of creation, and His greatest work: the new creation through the redemption of the incarnate Son. A work planned in eternity, promised in time through various covenants, accomplished by the God-Man in history, and applied by Him through His offices as Prohpet, interceding Priest, and sovereign reigning King. [Go].

Mark Chanski (academy lectures)

Peter warns of some who "twist the Scriptures to their own destruction" (2 Peter 3:16). Paul admonishes to "rightly divide the Word of Truth" (2 Tim. 2:15). The Faithful and True Witness speaks of those that "err, not knowing the Scriptures" (Mat. 22:29). While it is a great privilege to possess the Scriptures, it can yet be very dangerous unless we properly interpret them. Pastor Chanski goes into much detail on this issue, in this excellent ministerial academy lecture series. [go]

The Tender, Loving Heart of God
Series by Albert N. Martin

An excellent three-part video series on one DVD disk. [Order]

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