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How Not to Foul Up
the Training of Our Children
Albert N. Martin

This series of audio messages is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and practical studies on Christian parenting available. At the same time it is not just for parents: it may be revolutionary in bringing adults to an understanding of themselves and the factors that have influenced their spiritual, social and emotional development. Delivered originally in 1991 during the adult Sunday School at Trinity Baptist Church, it has since gained some renown, and in some churches has been played during the Sunday School hour.

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The Overall Climate of the Home:
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 *(the series on Anger by Greg Nichols, referenced in the above message, can be found here.
  32) Open Forum/Q&A  

  Sex Education of our Children: 16kbps 32kbps
  Family Living  (series) 
  The Biblical Training of Our Children (conference series) 
  Molding Your Child's Character (Greg Nichols)  
  The Man as a Priest in His Home (Samuel Waldron)