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The Book of Martyrs
(or as originally titled):
The Acts and Monuments of these Latter and Perillous Days

by John Foxe

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About the Author 
 Chapter 1: 
The Early Christians 
 Chapter 2: 
Constantine the Great 
 Chapter 3: 
The Life of John Wickliff 
 Chapter 4: 
Sir John Oldcastle; Lord Cobham 
 Chapter 5: 
The Martyrdom of John Huss 
 Chapter 6: 
God's Servant William Tyndale 
 Chapter 7: 
The History of Martin Luther 
 Chapter 8: 
John Hooper, Bishop of Worcester 
 Chapter 9: 
Doctor Rowland Taylor, Parish Clergyman 
 Chapter 10: 
The Martyrs of Scotland 
 Chapter 11: 
Hugh Latimer, Preacher of the Gospel 
 Chapter 12: 
The Story of Bishop Ridley 
 Chapter 13: 
The Martyrdom of Ridley and Latimer 
 Chapter 14: 
The Fires of Smithfield 
 Chapter 15: 
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury 
 Chapter 16: 
Anecdotes and Sayings of other Martyrs 
 Entire Book (MP3): 
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