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Studies in The Book of Acts
Robert Martin

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  1) Introduction
     a) author b) date c) historical accuracy
     d) sources f) purpose
  2) Awaiting Pentecost (tape missing)
 Acts 1:1- 
  3) Christ Prepares/Encourages His Apostles
     a) by assurances of His resurrection
     b) by instruction regarding His Kingdom
     c) by the promise of His presence/power
 Acts 1:1-5 
  4) Dost Thou at This Time Restore the Kingdom?
     a) why they asked the quesion
     b) modern day prognosticators
 Acts 1:6-8 
  5) Significance of Pentecost, #1 (tape missing)
     a) the promised advent of the Holy Spirit
 Acts 2:1—  
  6) The Significance of Pentecost, # 2
     b) the work of Christ continues
     c) the establishment of the N.T. Church
 Acts 2:1—  
  7) Peter's Sermon, # 1
     a) answering the scoffers
     b) answering the sincere
 Acts 2:14-21  
  8) Peter's Sermon, # 2
     a) convicting the consciences of the guilty
 Acts 2:22-36  
  9) Peter's Sermon, # 3
     a) directing the conduct of the awakened
 Acts 2:37-41  
  10) Continuing Presence of the Holy Spirit
     as evidenced by:
     a) perseverance; b) generosity
     c) fellowship/worship; d) Gospel success
 Acts 2:42-47  
  11) All Goods in Common, #1
     is this a mandate for today?
     a) exegetical answers
 Acts 2:44-45, and
  Acts 4:32-5:11  
  12) All Goods in Common, #2
     b) sincere Barnabas
     c) hypocritical Ananias & Sapphira
 Acts 4:36-37—
  Acts 5:1-13  
  13) Healing the Lame Man/Peter's Sermon (#1)
     a) the healing
     b) Peter's explanation
     c) Peter's exhortation
 Acts 3:1-19
  14) Peter's Sermon (#2)
     a) immediate blessing promised
     b) more distant blessing promised
 Acts 3:19-26
  15) Peter and John Before the Sanhedren
     a) arrested
     b) tried
     c) threatened
 Acts 4:1-22
  16) The Church's Response in Prayer
     a) their view of God
     b) their petitions
     c) God's answers
 Acts 4:23-31
  17) Continued Answers to Prayer
     a) continued success of the Gospel
     b) continued opposition
 Acts 5:12-42
  18) Gamaliel's Counsel (tape missing)
 Acts 5:34-40  
  19) Selecting the Seven (tape missing)
 Acts 6:1-7  
  20) Stephen, Part 1
     a) his arrest
     b) his trial
     c) his defense
 Acts 6:8-15—
  Acts 7:1-53  
  21) Stephen, Part 2
     a) Sanhedren's reaction
     b) Stephen's vision
     c) Stephen's death
     d) Saul's continued persecution
 Acts 7:54-60—

  Acts 8:1—  
  22) Philip's Ministry (tape missing)
 Acts 8:4-25  
  23) Conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch (tape missing)
 Acts 8:26-40  
  24) Saul's Conversion, Part 1
     a) his pre-conversion years
 Acts 9:1-9
  25) Saul's Conversion, Part 2
     a) his mission to Damascus
     b) his arrest and interrogation by Christ
     c) Jesus' revelation of Himself & His will to Saul
     d) effect upon Saul & his companions
 Acts 9:1-9
  26) Saul's Conversion, Part 3
     a) Ananias' ministry to Saul
 Acts 9:10-19
  27) Saul's Conversion, Part 4
 Acts 9:19-31
  28) Peter At Lydda and Joppa
     a) Aeneas
     b) Tabitha/Dorcas
 Acts 9:32-43
 Acts 10:1-33
 Acts 10:34-43
 Acts 10:44-48
 Acts 11:19-30
 Acts 11:19-30
  34) Peter's Release from Prison (tape missing)
 Acts 12:1-19 
 Acts 12:20-24
 Acts 13:1-12
 Acts 13:13-26
 Acts 13:27-41
 Acts 13:42
 Acts 13:49—
  Acts 14:7 
  41) The Healing at Lystra (tape missing)
 Acts 14:8-10 
 Acts 14:11-18
 Acts 14:19-22
 Acts 14:23-28
 Acts 15:1-3
 Acts 15:4-21
 Acts 15:22-29
 Acts 15:30—
  Acts 16:15 
  49) Conversion of the Philippian Jailer (tape missing)
 Acts 16:16-40 
 Acts 17:1-12

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