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Dispensationalism: An Overview and Critique
Albert N. Martin

A lecture given at the Trinity Ministerial Academy.

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 Single Messages:   

  One Return of Christ (from 1 Thess. series) 
  Dispensationalism Debate (Sam Waldron) 


 Peter's Eschatology  (Samuel Waldron) 
   03) Its Major Apologetic  
   04) Its Awesome Prospect  
   05) Its Glorious Hope  

 Doctrine of Last Things  (S. Waldron: from Systematics academy course) 
   01) The Four Major Views  
   03) Pivotal Events  

 Dispensationalism 101  (Bob Lunetta) 
   07) Unhealthy Fruits  

    Eschatology / Last Things (Samuel Waldron – academy lectures) 
    Hermeneutics (Mark Chanski – academy lectures) 
    How to Interpret the Bible (Lamar Martin) 

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 Eschatology / Last Things (Samuel Waldron – academy lectures) 
 Hermeneutics (Mark Chanski) 
 How to Interpret the Bible (Lamar Martin) 
  Eschatology, etc. (Q & A from Early Church History class)