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The Doctrine of Last Things — 2012
Samuel E. Waldron
(academy lecture series)

In this 2012 rendition of the course, Doctor Waldron compressed – and even eliminated – certain sections because of time contraints. The messages below with red numbers have been inserted from other years to help fill in these sections. The audio may sound a bit different because they are coming from older recordings.

Additional Audio:
It may be of interest to some – after having heard what is below – to listen to the older classes, since (for example) some sections that are covered in three message here are covered in five messages there. Many of these lectures were also opened up for questions, which of course are unique to the particular group present. The legacy messages also include a series called “Peter's Eschatology,” in which the material that is presented below in lectures "6" & "6b" is expanded out to five full conference sermons. To access these materials click on the following:

Reading Materials:
Additional reading materials mentioned during this series includes: The End Times Made Simple, MORE End Times Made Simple, A Friendly Response to MacArthur's Millennium Manifesto (all by Dr. Waldron), The Interadventual Period and the Advent: Matthew 24 and 25 (from The Collected Writings of John Murray: Vol 2), Events to Precede The Return of Our Lord (by B. W. Newton), and The Genesis and Development of Dispensationalism in Nineteenth-Century England (by Mark Sarver).

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“The Great Conversation”
“Eschatology Made Difficult by Men”


“Eschatology Made Simple”

  Section 1: The Two Ages: 
  Section 2: The General Judgment: 
  06a)  Romans Chapter 2 
  06b)  1 Peter Chapter 3 
  Section 3: The Eschatological Kingdom: 


  Section 1: The Gospel Age: 
  Section 2: The Imminent Return of Christ: 
  Sections 3 & 4: Bodily Resurrection / Eternal State: 
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