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Systematic Theology:
A Biblical and Confessional Overview
Samuel Waldron

  • The Lecture One video begins with Dr. Waldron speaking -- but there is no audio. This was the condition of the original recording. The audio will begin before too long. The gap has been edited out of the MP3 version of the lecture.
  • Several subsequent videos are likewise blank at the beginning for various portions of time, and only show Splash (title) screens (for example, it takes a full nine minutes for message 20 to go from the splash screen to the actual lecture). These gaps have been edited out of the MP3 versions.
  • The first lecture delivered was an overview of the syllabus, and it (apparently) was not recorded. For this reason the first lecture listed below is called "lecture two" by Dr. Waldron, but the opening Title screen will call it "Lecture 1" — even though it is really No. 2. All of the subsequent lectures are off by one.
  • Because of the limited number of time slots available on this occasion, Dr. Waldron needed to skip over many important sections. These messages therefore should be considered a summary — a limited fly-over of Systematic Theology. Additional reading materials are mentioned as the lectures unfold, for those who would like to delve deeper.
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Part 1: Apologetics/Doctrine of Revelation:
 1) General Introduction to the Doctrine of Revelation  (video)
a) Confessional Overview (1689)
b) Scriptural Overview (two kinds of revelation - Psalm 19)
c) Systematic Overview

 I. Section 1 - Apologetics: The Epistemological Supremacy of Revelation:
   ("Revelation is Principium")
(see an illustrative chart from the course, here)
 2) General Revelation, Part 1  (video)
Romans 1:18-23
 3) General Revelation, Part 2  (video)
Romans 2:12-15; Acts 17
 4) General Revelation, Part 3  (video)
Romans 2:12-15
 5) General Revelation, Part 4  (video)
Acts 17:16-34

 II. Section 2 - Doctrine of The Word:
 6) Special Revelation, Part 1  (video)
Self-Authentication of Scripture
 7) Special Revelation, Part 2  (video)
Major Attributes of Scripture, Part 1
a) Necessity
b) Authority
 8) Special Revelation, Part 3  (video)
Major Attributes of Scripture, Part 2
c) Sufficiency
d) Clarity
(Dr. Waldron's full course on Apologetics can be found here).
(Dr. Waldron's full course on Doctrine of The Word can be found here).

Part 2: Doctrine of God:
 09) Historical Development of the Trinity, Part 1  (video)
 10) Historical Development of the Trinity, Part 2  (video)
 11) Biblical Basis for the Doctrine of the Trinity  (video)
 12) Attibutes of God  (video)
a) Foundation
b) God's Names
c) Denotation of "Attributes"
d) Classifications
e) Discussion of Key Attributes
 13) Sovereignty of God, Part 1  (video)
Confessional Presentation: God's General Decree
 14) Sovereignty of God, Part 2  (video)
Confessional Presentation: God's Specific Decree (to save)
(Greg Nichols' full course on The Doctrine of God can be found here).
(Albert Martin's serires on The Sovereignty of God can be found here).
(See The God We Worship and Confess section in Here We Stand).

Part 3: Doctrine of Man:
 15) Adamic Administration  (video)
 16) The Divine Image  (video)
 17) Man's Fallen Condition  (video)
(Greg Nichols' full course on The Doctrine of Man can be found here).

Part 4: Doctrine of Christ:
 I. Section 1: The Person of the Mediator:
 18) Unqualified Deity of the Mediator  (video)
 19) His True Humanity; His Sinless Integrity  (video)
 20) His Mysterious Complexity (The Hypostatic Union)  (video)

 II. Section 2: The Work of the Mediator:
 21) The Atonement: Its Necessity  (video)
 22) The Atonement: Its Nature  (video)
 23) The Atonement: Its Extent/Intent  (video)
(Greg Nichols' full course on The Doctrine of Christ can be found here).
(Albert Martin's series on The Atonement can be found here).
(Here We Stand has an extensive section on The Person/Work of Christ).

Part 5: Doctrine of Salvation:
 I. Section 1: The Proper Approach to the Order of Salvation:
 24) Ordo Salutis  (video)
a) Exegetical Justification
b) Crucial Foundation

 II. Section 2: The Topical Highlights to the Order of Salvation:
 25) Free Offer  (video)
 26) Effectual Calling  (video)
 27) Saving Faith  (video)
 28) Justification  (video)
 29) The Gift of the Spirit and Sanctification  (video)

Part 6: Doctrine of The Church:
 I. Section 1: General Foundation:
 30) Scriptural Witness to the Church  (video)
 31) Credal Perspectives on the Church  (video)

 II. Section 2: Special Regulation of the Church:
 32) The Regulative Principle, Part 1  (video)
a) Historical Meaning
b) Definition
c) Scope
 33) The Regulative Principle, Part 2  (video)
d) Multifacted Function
e) Biblical Support
f) Necessary Limitation

 III. Section 3: The Ordained Administriation of the Church:
 34) Ordained Administration, Part 1  (video)
The Universal and Local Church
 35) Ordained Administration, Part 2  (video)
Relationship Between the Universal and Local Church Governments

Part 7: Doctrine of Last Things:
 36) The Four Major Views  (video)
 37) Central Biblical Teachings  (video)
 38) Pivotal Events  (video)
a) The Resurrection
b) The Last Judgment
(Dr. Waldron's full course on Last Things can be found here).