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 Single Messages:   
   Deceived by Sin (Mark 5:7)
   What is True Love?  (Amnon / Tamar)
   The Life and Light of Men (John 1:5-9)
   The Covenants (series by Greg Nichols)
 Self Denial:   
   01) Self Denial
   02) Self Denial (continued)
 The Sabbath:   
   05) The Sabbath #1
   06) The Sabbath #2
 The New Birth:   
   01) The New Birth: Essential to Life  (John 3:3-5)
   02) The New Birth: Nature of Spirituality  (John 3:4-8)  
 David As a Youth:   
 The Prodigal Son:   
 The Grace of God:   
 The Compassion of Christ:   
 Prophecies Concerning Christ's Birth:   
   03) Hope of the World
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