Work of the Holy Spirit README
In message number One of the four-part series  Work of The Holy Spirit which Pastor Martin delivered at Trinity Baptist Church, he mentions that he had very recently delivered a rendition of that material at a conference in Montreal, Canada. These sermons may be that conference. Both were preached in the early 1970s. However, in the "TBC" series he refers to it as a "ministers conference," whereas here he calls it a "family conference," so we are not really sure. It could be that he delivered three renditions of this material: one at TBC, one at a ministers conference and a third at a family conference(?).
The original intention for this series was that the final sermon would be "Grieve Not The Holy Spirit" (he mentions this in providing an overview to the audience) - but it turned out there was no time. He has preached on this theme subsequently however (perhaps using his notes from this conference?), so we have posted it as the unofficial sixth message.
These MP3s were digitized from cassettes kindly provided by Chapel Library, and have audio quality that ranges from very good to very poor. We have passed them through a graphic equalizer and digitally cleaned them up a bit. All of the words should be understandable even in the worst sections. These (sound-quality) issues may be why Trinity Pulpit catalogs do not seem to list this series anymore after 1989 (at least in the catalogs that we have in our possession). Since the messages were delivered in Canada, Trinity Pulpit may not have done the recording: it may be that the equipment at the conference was not so good and/or that they had some problems. They are posted on the site 'warts-and-all' because they were providentially made available to us, and because hungry souls should find the material itself very good and edifying. There are quite a few unique exhortations and applications to the fellow-ministers who were present in the audience, to the children, etc.