Church Officers - Albert N. Martin
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Church Officers
Albert N. Martin
Delivered in 1968, this was an important series in the early life of Trinity Church, designed to prepare the way for voting additional men into office. It also served a polemical purpose: to refute the "three-office" structure so common in evangelical assemblies today ("Pastor," "Elder," "Deacon"). That is, by comparing Acts 20:17 and Acts 20:28, along with Titus 1:5 and Titus 1:7, pastor Martin shows that "pres-boo'-ter-os" and "episkopos" are interchangeable Biblical terms referring to one and the same office not to two offices. Thus all pastors/elders/overseers rule and have equal authority (although some may "rule [particularly] well" ); all must be "apt to teach" (although some may do it [particularly] well, more publicly, and for a living ("laboring in the Word and in doctrine"). All must meet all of the qualifications specified in Titus 1 and 1 Tim. 3. These things being so, much less is there any Biblical warrant for having other numberless official offices in the Church ("Senior Pastor," "Associate Pastor," "Associate-Assistant Pastor," "Youth Pastor," "Apprentice-Associate-Youth Pastor," "Music Pastor," "Assistant-Associate-Intern-Padawan-Music Pastor," "Coffee House Pastor," "Associate-Parking Lot Pastor," etc.) May the Chief Shepherd deliver His Church from the traditions of men!
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