The Christian Sabbath - Albert N. Martin
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The Christian Sabbath
Albert N. Martin / Sam Waldron / Greg Nichols
Walter Chantry / Robert Martin / Jeffery S. Smith
The “Christian-Sabbath” ?? Some believers argue that these two words are a contradiction in terms – that they are inconsistent with being under the New Covenant. Others contend that “the Sabbath was made for man”, not justJews”. Some believe that “we are not under law but under grace”, & thus will not countenance any talk of the Ten Commandments – especially any mention of a “Lord’s Day Sabbath.” Others argue that the Sabbath was instituted in the Garden of Eden before the fall, & that although the Jewish ceremonial aspects that were added to the Sabbath are now buried in Christ’s tomb, “man” is still man & thus the moral aspects of the Forth Commandment are a part of the Law that God writes upon the heart at regeneration. Has the Holy Spirit given a predominant conviction to the saints one way or the other on this issue throughout the generations? These materials should prove profitable in that they will drive you to the Word of God, & force you to wrestle with the question “what saith the Scripture?”
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 Albert Martin: 
 Gospel of Mark series:  (see Mark 2:23-38 — Mark 3:1-6)
    Abiding Authority; Lawful Works (Piety, Necessity, Mercy)
    (Includes a summary of the views of John Bunyan).
    Positive Duties/Privileges, Part 1 ("Mark Out" - "Prepare for")
    (Includes a summary of the views of John Calvin).
    Positive Duties/Privileges, Part 2 ("Wholehearted
    engagement in appropriate activities the entire day").
 Parting Words to Trinity Baptist Church:  (excerpt)

 Samuel Waldron: 
  The Lord's Day  (from Early Church History academy series)

 Greg Nichols: 
  The Sabbath  (from the Doctrine of Man academy series)
  Change of The Day  (from the The Covenants academy series)
  Religious Worship / Sabbath Day #1  (from the 1689 series)
  Religious Worship / Sabbath Day #2  (from the 1689 series)

 Walter Chantry: 

 Jeffery S. Smith: 

 Robert Martin: