Why, What, and How to Donate

A number of messages on Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures have been donated by various Christians, desiring to be the best possible stewards of the "audio treasures" which were in their possession. These are now available all over the world via our site, in every place where there is access to a computer and unblocked access to the internet.

Some of our messages by Albert Martin for example were preached and recorded at various conferences and local assemblies, and are not available from the Trinity Pulpit and/or on SermonAudio.com: they were donated by saints who had tapes and made them available to us. Most of the wedding ceremony sermons are likewise not available anywhere else. Another donated message of a singles' Bible study held at Pastor Martin's house was captured with a handheld cassette recorder, etc (see here). Many of the unique photos found on the site were likewise provided to us.

The webservant of Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures wants to help you make the best possible useage of your old cassettes and VHS tapes, and will convert them to digital format for uploading onto the site at no charge. Shipping costs will be covered if this will prove to be a financial hardship to you. Who knows but that God will use these gems for generations to come, long after all of us are gone!

Because of time restrictions and doctrinal convictions, of interest are cassettes and VHS tapes of the men listed on the homepage (though feel free to make suggestions).

Of particular interest are the following:

1) Old VHS tapes and/or cassettes of the Reformed Baptist School of Theology lectures (~1990's - early 2000's) and/or of Trinity Ministerial Academy. Click on the following for examples, here.

2) Any VHS tapes and/or cassette messages by our speakers which are currently not on the site.

3) Even if messages are already on the site you may still feel free to donate them, since many times these have proven to be better quality recordings than the tapes we used when making the original MP3s. Also, photos of the tapes are sometimes placed on the pages where the messages are available (see here as an example).

The materials can be returned to you after digitizing, upon request. Because of time constraints, conversion and uploading may not be immediate. If you have questions or are ready to donate, please send an email to donatetapes [at] sg-audiotreasures.org with the word "tapes" in the subject line, and provide specific information regarding what you would like to send.

Please forward this page to anyone you know who might have these materials and be willing to send them.

Disclaimer: This service is provided independently of Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures, and therefore Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures is not responsible for any tapes that are loaned.