Notes on the Hermeneutics Series Audio Quality:

These messages were recorded in 1994. The original digitized files were created by someone at some point afterwards - using cassette tapes that were 45 minutes long on each side (this is obvious when examining the files). The quality ranged from "quite-good" to "somewhat-poor."

The mediocre quality of some can be attributed to a number of factors: the original recordings, and/or poor quality transfers to the cassette tapes, and/or intermittent problems with the recording/transferring equipment, and/or inexperience in analog/digital recording/transferring techniques (and/or other unknown factors). Remember that 1994 goes back to an era when amateur digital recording/transferring was in its infancy!

Nevertheless, the quality of the course material itself is so good that we think it well worthwhile to post these online. They have recently been edited and electronically 'cleaned-up' as much as possible. Most (if not all) of the words spoken by Mark Chanski should be discernable in all of the messages. Some of the words by the students during the "Q&A" times might be hard to make out, since they were not sitting near the microphone.

We would like to remind listeners of Proverbs 23:23: "Buy the truth and sell it not." That is – God often arranges matters such that it will cost us something to grow in an understanding of His Word. Some background noise and less-than-perfect audio quality (on some messages) is the price you will need to pay to benefit from this most excellent academy course on this foundationally important topic of hermeneutics.