Playing Messages on iPhones:

Pages are generally viewed best
in landscape mode on iPhones:

The site has three main ways of playing
sermons, two of which will work on iPhones:

iPhone's Embedded player takes
up the whole screen and looks like this:

Some messages on the site are available in both audio and "WMV" video formats — look for the video camera icon: ().
iPhones can play these with the free VLC Media Player Add-On available here.

Screen orientation and screen size can affect how
the HTML5 players display on iPhones, as follows:

If you see something like this (above), you may be in "portrait"
mode — rotate the phone to landscape and/or enlarge the screen.

In Landscape mode, more options on the player will show,
depending on the screensize:

If you see something like this (above), your screen size is a little
too small (note how the title of the first sermon is partially hidden).
PLAY, END-TIME and PROGRESS BAR are the only options that appear.

By enlarging the screen a little, the first sermon's title will show fully.

Enlarging a little more shows some extra player options (see green arrows):

Enlarging a little more shows another ("Forward 15-seconds"):