Playing Messages on Windows Devices:

Pages are generally viewed best in
landscape mode on small Windows devices:

The site has three main ways of playing sermons,
all of which should work on Windows devices:

Notes on Various Windows Browsers:
Google Chrome:
This works best, overall. Recent updated versions had no problems displaying the embedded players properly or playing the files.

Updated versions which have the Adobe FlashPlayer Add-On played and showed everything well. No known problems.

Mozilla Firefox:
Updated versions which have the Adobe FlashPlayer Add-On played everything okay, but if Zoom is set different than 100% it messes up the display of the black "List Multi-Player," as follows (note the white space):
Also, the HTML5 player does not fill up the entire window, as follows:

(Note: the above has been noticed by others and has been reported to FireFox – hopefully future releases will fix this).

Internet Explorer:
Not recommended. Most versions of Windows Internet Explorer that were tested had various troubles. A few versions worked – to a certain degree. These showed the HTMl5 Player at twice the normal height & had no progress bar. Some showed this player and played the files – whereas others showed it but did not play the files. Sometimes it falsely reports that the link is not valid. Others do not show the player(s) at all. Generally, this browser is not recommended for this site. (Conspiracy Theory: is Microsoft doing this deliberately so folks will be forced to move to ,,,,,)

Microsoft's new “Edge” for Windows 10 was tried and has worked very well!

Misc. Notes:

Embedded Player “A” (blue) (Requires Adobe FlashPlayer plug-in):
Note: a few of these may still be left on the site — this player is currently being phased out and removed. The above will remain here until they are completely removed.

"Play" button:
In some cases we have seen that PLAY may need to be pressed twice -- the audio should begin shortly after “ | | ” appears.

Browser "Zoom" size:
FireFox must have the screen size set to “100%” to display the players properly. Hold down the CTRL key & turn the mouse-wheel to change sizes (this method works with many browsers - for others you may need to look through HELP).

Embedded Player becomes blank:
Occasionally we have seen the blue and/or black embedded players turn white; there are no play/pause buttons or volume sliders, etc. Reloading the page always seems to correct it (press F5 or the browser's refresh button).

Sound Qualities/Bitrates/File sizes:
If no bitrate is specified on links, sermons are generally 16kbps (for more information about “bitrates,” click here). Embedded players are linked to the highest quality files available. Lower-quality, smaller-sized files are for faster downloading. File size can be an issue if internet speed is slow, if data-usage is a concern, if storage space is limited, or if you wish to download a lot of files in the shortest amount of time (say, for a long series). Some of the messages on the site come from very old, sometimes very cheap and/or frequently recopied tapes, so background noise may be present. Efforts have been made to minimize this & to adjust for speed problems, but in some cases the quality will still be so-so. Since the content of the messages is of primary importance, we trust that you will bear with any shortcomings.

Dead Links/file problems:
We try to check the links and listen to the sermons on the site, but if you come across any audio problems or link issues, please let us know so they can be corrected. Our Conctact-Us form can be found here.

Some versions of I.E. cannot show the player correctly (as on the right) - others show it okay (?) -- go figure.

"Player B" ("HTML5 player") as shown on Chrome, Firefox and some versions of I.E. respectively (which is black instead of gray, twice as tall, no progress bar[?] -- go figure).

"Player B" ("HTML5 player") as displayed on other versions of I.E. (“browser not supported“”).

Player(s) blank-out occasionally even on Chrome -- not sure why -- page just needs to be refreshed.