I N D E X E S :
The majority of these hymns were captured many years ago at Lord's Day & Wednesday evening services from the pew with a small portable tape recorder, & thus have all the shortcomings of that format. This is by no means a professional or polished retail product. They have been electronically cleaned up as much as possible however, and should at least be listenable enough to find out how a hymn sounds. A delay of 0.05 seconds has been placed between the right & left speakers to give a sense of depth. Piano-only versions of each hymn are available by clicking on the last button (above). Wherever possible, versions were chosen which highlight a balanced blending of voices rather than a specific voice, or any particular musical part. Some are available both with & without accompaniment. A good handful are available to more than one tune - to the one printed in the hymnal, and to alternates of the same meter. Some have excellently placed key changes, speed variations, and minor piano embellishments - all of which can be very helpful in enhancing a hymn (hear #20 for example, where all three of these things were done when reaching a climactic line in the hymn: "He sent His Son with pow'r to save; from guilt, and darkness and the grave,,,.").

“Sing unto the LORD a new song.” Despite all of their obvious shortcomings, a goal in making these available is to provide a tool that could be useful in expanding the praise of God by enlarging the repertoire of hymns that users of the Trinity Hymnal sing. It can become easy, both publicly & privately, to stick with a limited number of hymns out of habit, or simply because “we just don't know how THAT one sounds.” Pastors responsible for selecting hymns may find it helpful in enlarging & freshening up the selection of hymns used on different occasions (the Lord's people can sometimes find worship losing freshness when they discern: “we ALWAYS sing that one at the Lord's Table,,, at prayer meeting,, before an evangelistic sermon, at Easter ,,,” etc. Too much of even the best honey will eventually lose its savor!).