How Not to Foul up the Training of Our Children - Albert N. Martin
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This series of audio messages is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and practical studies on Christian parenting available. At the same time it is not just for parents — it may be revolutionary in bringing adults to an understanding of themselves, and the factors that have influenced their spiritual, social and emotional development. Delivered originally in 1991 during the adult Sunday School at Trinity Baptist Church, it has since gained some renown, and in some churches has been played during the Sunday School hour.
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  *The Anger series that is mentioned can be found here

Note 1: during the Admonition section of this series Pastor Martin very helpfully opened up, illustrated and applied many of the major themes found throughout the book of Proverbs. We have gone through the entire series and isolated these sections, and have posted them here.
Note 2: these 40 messages were originally distributed by the Trinity Pulpit in cassette tape 'Volumes' — which were book-like enclosures that contained several tapes each. The images at the beginning and end of this webpage are scans of the original front and back 'pages' that were on the outsides of these 'Volumes'. Clicking on the images takes you to higher-quality & more life-sized versions.
Note 3: shortly after this series was delivered (~1991) the internet began to be a commonly-used entity. One of the first (if not THE first) distributions of Pastor Martin's sermons over the internet was by the Reformed Baptist Church of Mebane, North Carolina. They were the ones that digitized this series into 40 "RealAudio" files - which they uploaded onto their website. The audio files on this page were converted to MP3s directly from their RealAudios. While other digitized versions of this series are available (and might be of higher-quality), we have chosen to post these for a couple of reasons: 1) Their historical significance. Digital audio files distributed over the internet will no-doubt be the new-norm from this generation forward. These messages represent some of the very earliest digitized sermons of Pastor Martin. (While the original recordings were on magnetic tape and are "electronic," they were technically not "digital" but "analog.") 2) The introductory comments at the beginning. We are not sure whose voice was added at the start of each message – but the man certainly did a good job, and we think they are worthy of being perpetuated to future generations.