The Pastor Preacher - Albert N. Martin
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The Pastor Preacher
Albert N. Martin
This was a short "conference on preaching," held in Pennsylvania. Judging by the label-style on the cassettes, and some statements about the length of time he has been married, pastor Marin probably delivered these messages in the early 1970's. Tape number two was not available – but a review is given in message three. The didactic materials in these messages are summarizations of large portions of his Pastoral Theology lectures. Any wishing for more than just a summary of message two, and/or, for a more expansive treatment of the material covered in messages one and three, can find it on the Pastoral Theology Lectures page, here. Even if you have already heard the Pastoral Theology lectures, these messages can still prove profitable since they were live-preached to a conference audience, since many (no doubt) were praying for the conference, and since some of the applications / exhortations were unique to that setting.
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