Bridges on Proverbs 14:1
Charles Bridges on Proverbs 14:1

1.  Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
WE have seen the wife to be a blessing or a curse to her husband. (Chapter 12:4.) Such is she to his house. Her wisdom may supply many of his defects; while all the results of his care and prudence may be wasted by her folly. The godly matron is the very soul of the house. She instructs her children by her example, no less than by her teaching. She educates them for God and for eternity; not to shine in the vain show of the world, but in the Church of God. Her household order combines economy with liberality (Chapter 31:13, 18-27); strict integrity in the fear of God. (Ib. verse 30.) Thus, as godly servants bring a blessing to the house (Genesis 30:27; 39:5) so does the wise woman build her house (Chapter 24:3) under the blessing of God, ‘establishing it in a firm and durable state.’† Who can estimate the worth of a Christian mother — a Hannah† — an Eunice?†
But mark the foolish woman — her idleness, waste, love of pleasure, want of all forethought and care, her children’s wills allowed, their souls neglected, their happiness ruined! We see her house plucked down in confusion. A sad issue, if an enemy had done this! But it is the doing, or rather the undoing, of her own hands. In proportion to her power and influence is her capability of family mischief. Such was Jezebel, the destroyer of her house.†
What responsibility then belongs to the marriage choice, linked with the highest interests of unborn generations! If ever there was a matter for special prayer and consideration, this is it. Here to err once, may be an undoing of ourselves and of our house. Of how little account are birth, fortune, external accomplishments, compared with godly wisdom!†