Accuracy of Translation and the N.I.V. - Robert Martin
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Accuracy of Translation and
the New International Version
Robert Martin
“If indeed the inspiration of the Bible extends to the very words of the Scripture — and to all of the words of the Scripture — if it is both verbal and plenary, then the accuracy of translations must be judged by principles which reflect a recognition of this most fundamental truth concerning the nature of Scripture.”
“The Bible is the touchstone of our faith and practice: we cannot afford to be careless and uninformed in these matters. We must insist that new versions earn their right to widespread use in the Churches, not by advertising finesse and promotional gimmicks, but by our careful scrutiny of their accuracy.”
The “E.S.V.” (English Standard Version) has been gaining in popularity in conservative circles in recent years. The last link below is a short excerpt from Robert Martin's Hebrews series in which he gives an assessment of this translation.
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