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Have you been blessed by a particular message/series? Commend them to other visitors to Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures so that they will be encouraged to listen and receive a blessing as well.

"Every blessing upon this most useful work!" — Maurice from U.K.

"You have been an asset to my Christian walk. As a matter of fact, Eternal Life Ministires is my web page. My wife and I listen to a sermon daily, except Sunday when we are at Church. May God continue to bless your ministry." — Peter from Louisiana.

Trinity Hymnal hymns

"I just wanted to say thank you for keeping all the songs up online. We recently joined a wonderful church which uses the Trinity Hymnal and we are having such a difficult time learning all of these songs. However, your website is a big help and a blessing. Thank you." — Sandra from California.

Ballast for the Soul in the New Year

"I must tell you that all of the resources sent by Eternal Life Ministries have been so rich and blessed, have served to encourage, convict and comfort me, and have been instruments of my growth. But one of them, in particular, has been such a buoying source of encouragement that I have resorted to it over and over and over again. The resource I refer to is the sermon by Albert N. Martin entitled "Ballast for the Soul in the New Year." In it, you probably recall, he teaches the truths of God's sovereignty in even the things that appear "dripping with evil", as he put it. As you perhaps remember, there were two parts to the series, but the first part is the one that I have most consistently drawn upon for encouragement. I have listened and re-listened to that sermon in times of great perplexity and trial and have made copies of it for others because it is such a magnificent treatment of God's sovereignty and what that means for us as believers. I had not known Albert N. Martin until I was introduced to him by your ministry's generosity. I have so grown to trust and appreciate that great pastor as a consequence of the gifts I have received from Eternal Life Ministries. I can't adequately express my appreciation for the tremendous help you and those at ELM have been to me over the years by introducing me to the likes of Albert Martin, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Boston, etc." — Vicki from California.

The Ministry and Doctrine of C.H.Spurgeon

"You sent me a CD The Ministry and Doctrine of C.H.Spurgeon" By William R.Downing. I just got through listening to it. THANK YOU! The message was a REAL blessing and encouragement to me! I really appreciated getting the CD! May God's blessing be you portion!" —Mike from India.

God's Incomprehensibility

"I found this site while browsing for Reformed Sermons other than the ones found on sermonaudio. I am glad the Lord led me to this site and this sermon by Pastor Greg Nichols is very powerful as it is deep.I shall visit this site often to hear his other sermons as well. He truly preaches with a great passion for the Lord. May the Lord bless him and his ministry." —Mike from India.

Sinclair Ferguson

"Thank you for putting Sinclair Ferguson's lectures on Owen on this site. What a blessing these have been." —Linda from Texas.

Ted Donnelly

"I just came across your website after an internet search for one of Ted Donnelly's messages, and I was absolutely thrilled to find all these "treasures" indeed. Thank you SO MUCH for putting these online. As a fairly new minister, these messages have taught me how to preach and also encouraged me in the ministry more than anything else. Ted Donnelly in particular has been of great help to teach me how to preach a Biblical exposition. I'll look forward to listening to many messages in the coming months. Thanks again, and may God bless you!" —Dave from Virginia.

Albert N. Martin

"Albert Martin exposits the Scriptures so clearly and un varnished. I am always inspired and fed spiritually by his teachings." —Jim from Colorado.

"Thank you for keeping this invaluable treasure of sound Biblical preaching; I had the opportunity to meet pastor Albert Martin when he went to the ordination ceremony of the elders of Iglesia Biblica del Seρor Jesucristo in Santo Domingo in the mid 90's, and, since that time his sermons have been a great help in my spiritual life." —Manuel.

"You have outstanding messages that will greatly bless and edify believers and non-believers in South Africa and neighboring countries." —Joshua.

Perseverance of the Pastor: A Longsuffering Man & Ministry — William Hughes

"Here is a wonderfully encouraging message for pastors to listen to on the subject of perseverance in ministry." —Justin.

Here We Stand — Albert N. Martin

"I am very much thankful for your efforts to put those sermons and other materials online. I used the sermons greatly, especially Pastor Martin's. I have 2 other friends with me studying the Here We Stand series on Sanctification." —Carlo.

Albert N. Martin

"There is not another minister alive that touches the depths of my soul with the exposition of the Scriptures than Albert Martin!" —Jim from Colorado.

"Your sermons and audio messages have strengthened my faith and opened my understanding of the Sovereignty of God. The True message of God's eternal Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for unveiling deception which has captured the minds and hearts of so many. I, too, was one of these lost and floundering souls. The Lord so graciously put me in a Sovereign Grace Church which led me to your website. Now I have a burden for those still ensared!" —Jill from Oklahoma.

"Your site is great and I am using it very much to download and listen to sermons for my study. Keep it up." —Carlo from Louisiana.

"I want to thank you very much and thank the Lord for all the ministries you supply messages for on your site. For your interest, years ago I had the privilege of talking to Brother L. R. Shelton (what an example of Christ and humble brother he was). It's been a great joy to listen to his and others preaching on the subject of God's sovereign grace - a message that is forgotten by many churches of today." —Aldo from California.

Various speakers/messages:

"I have enjoyed the different sermons presented on this site. I believe it to be some of the most sound, biblical preaching, that God has ever blessed me to hear. Thanks!" —Steven from Texas.

Premarital Counseling — Albert N. Martin

"I give thanks to the Lord and to you for doing this. My wife and I are thankful to God for Pastor Martin. We bought his premartial counseling tape series and God used them to prepare us. We have passed them on to many new couples. This website is truly a blessing." —John.

Here We Stand — Albert N. Martin

"An epic survey of the doctrines of the faith." —Doug from the UK.

Various speakers/messages:

I cannot express how wondefully this ministry has brought me through to a new personal revival. I am, literally speaking, eternally grateful and I intend to support you in every way I can. Being assured of my salvation through the sermons, audio and texts, having been so deeply encouraged, words fail me, so I can only say, thank-you from the core of my new heart. I am so glad that our heavenly father has left such a great cloud of witnesses and that He continues adding to their number so that all men shall be without excuse. God bless you. —Stephen from Chiba, Japan.

Regneration - New Birth — Albert N. Martin

Having accepted the gospel and surrendered to the Lord Jesus in my teenage days, I still found this message timely and applicable to my christian life. Thanks. —Taiwo Ojelabi from Lagos, Nigeria.

Sermons from TBC; Trinity Hymnal:

Thank you so much for posting these messages online! I can't tell you what a blessing the ministry of Trinity Baptist Church has been to me, and how great it is to have so much of the tape library in mp3 format. In addition, thanks for posting the congregational singing. Not only does it help me learn the less familiar tunes in the Trinity Hymnal, but it also is edifying to listen to as I do other tasks. Thank you so much for this labor of love! —Rob from Mississippi

Beware of Modern Sadducees — Albert N. Martin
A Divine Prohibition of the Sin of Murmuring — Albert N. Martin

"You must hear this!"
I was at Trinity in 1984-1985 while Pastor Martin was preaching through Mark. I will never forget this sermon. I relistened to it today and fought the tears twice, it is preached with such pathos. The second sermon I ever heard Martin preach in person was "A Divine Prohibition of the Sin of Murmuring." You must hear this as well! —Thomas from Michigan

All sermons by Albert N. Martin

My many thanks to you for this work. It is a great and beneficial work for the kingdom and for the honour of Christ. Pastor Martin has blessed and moulded us as a family, under God.—David from Johannesburg, South Africa

All sermons by Albert N. Martin

[These] ... could not have come at a better time. I work in [Muslim country] and the authorities have eventually got around to blocking my access to SermonAudio via the internet but I have been able to hook on to the Eternal Life Ministries site and am downloading already as I write. Many thanks.

God's Word to Our Nation: National Moral Degeneracy — Albert N. Martin

"Great Sermon!"
Pastor Martin is a modern day Puritan in his hunting down of sin, thoroughness and specific application. This is another sermon that does not miss the mark. Powerful and convicting—Paul from Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland

The Carnal Christian Doctrine, Part 1 — Albert N. Martin

"Essential Message for Today!"
THIS is THE message necessary for awakening the apostate church of today! The destructive seeds of the "carnal christian" heresy were sown a generation ago, and, because of that we see the church in its sad condition today. Pastor Martin addresses this most serious heresy. He is courageous, and I am sure he has been persecuted for calling this doctrine what it is, as I have been persecuted for saying the same. Scripture is clear - we either walk in the spirit or we walk in the flesh, not both. There are those who want to do away with 1 John 3 where we are called to walk in the spirit. The unredeemed want Grace, but they do not want Holiness. They hate that with a passion. Thank you Pastor Martin for contending for the TRUTH. There are two groups of people - period - the redeemed and the unredeemed. There is not a third class - the redeemed and carnal. This is HERESY.—S. Smith