The Doctrine of Christ - Greg Nichols
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The Doctrine of Christ (1994)
(Academy Lectures)
Greg Nichols
Note: two renditions of this course are available: one from 1994 and one from 2010. Both have their advantages & disadvantages. The 30 lectures from the 2010 class have superior audio quality and were delivered when Pastor Nichols was 16 years older. The 1994 messages had seven additional time slots, which allowed for a broader coverage of the material & more "Q&A" class interaction time. Some unique and priceless materials are included in these older versions—though they come from RealAudio files made from cassette tapes and thus have lower audio quality. Many of these had quite decent sound overall, but some had very low volume in places and/or way too much bass. These have been run through a graphic equalizer and converted to MP3 files, and efforts have been made to flatten out the choppy volume. Some tended to have low volume levels towards the start and finish, so you will hear more tape noise in these sections (since the volume has been electronically increased). Additionally, controversial issues arose in some of the Q&A sessions, during which times pastor Nichols tended to speak softer (e.g., lecture 7), so these sections will have even more noise. A Textbook and Reading Schedule can be found toward the bottom of this page. Finally, as is mentioned in lecture #1 (1994), it would be helpful if listeners would hear the Doctrine of God and Doctrine of Man classes prior to taking this class.
This 1994 class was donated.
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1994 Class: Titles / MP3 files:
  I. The Eternal Plan of Salvation:  
  II. The Promise of Salvation:  
  12)  The Noahic Covenants  (msg. unavailable) 
  III. The Accomplishment of Salvation:  
  • Systematic Theology  Louis Berkhof, Published by Eerdmans, 1941 
  • The Plan of Salvation  B. B. Warfield. Simpson Publishing, 1989 
  • The Covenant of Grace  John Murray. Published by Presbyterian & Reformed, 1953 
  • Redemption Accomplished and Applied  John Murray. Published by Presbyterian & Reformed, 1955 
  • The Work of Christ  Robert Letham. Published by Inter-Varsity Press, 1993 
  • The Person of Christ  Donald MacLeod. Published by Inter-Varsity Press, 1998 -- or -- 
  • The Person of Christ  G. C. Berkhouwer. Published by Eerdmans, 1955 
Reading Schedule:
  • Predestination  Berkhof, Systematic Theology (pages 109-25); B B Warfield, Plan of Salvation (entirety) 
  • Covenants  Berkhof, Systematic Theology (pages 262-99); Murray, Covenant of Grace; Robert Letham, The Work of Christ (pages 39-74); W.C.F. and 1689 L.B.C.F. (Chapter 7) 
  • Person of Christ  Berkhof, Systematic Theology (pages 305-55); Berkhouwer, Person of Christ (entirety; or substitute MacLeod, P.o.C. [entirety]) 
  • Work of Christ  John Murray. Published by Presbyterian & Reformed, 1955 
  • The Work of Christ  Berkhof, Systematic Theology (pages 356-410) Robert Letham, Work of Christ (pages 91-247) John Murray, Redemption Accomplished and Applied (pages 9-78)