Albert Martin Pastoral Theology commendations: Jeffery S. Smith; Edward Ted Donnelly; Paul Washer
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Commendations of the
Pastoral Theology lectures
The "volumes" mentioned by Pastor Washer in this audio clip (below) are the book-versions of the Pastoral Theology audio lectures — which are directly based upon them.
Also contained in this clip are some additional commendations (which pastor Washer reads) by Dr. Joel Beeke, Pastor Jeffrey Thomas, Dr. Samuel Waldron and Pastor Brian Borgman.
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Other general commendations
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John Murray:
When asked to take some meetings at a conference for pastors, revered preacher and theologian, Professor John Murray stated "If Al Martin is to be there I really think he should be asked to take the three evening services you propose for me. He is one of the ablest and moving preachers I have ever heard ... I have not heard his equal."
John MacArthur:
'I find Al Martin's preaching to be sound, compelling .... He cuts it straight.' — John MacArthur — President, The Master’s University and Seminary and Pastor–Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California.
J. I. Packer:
'He has a fine mind and a masterful grasp of Reformed theology' — J. I. Packer — Well known author & Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.
Edward Donnelly:
'His preaching is powerful, impassioned, exegetically solid, balanced, clear in structure, penetrating in application. His ministry is often attended by a peculiar degree of unction from the Spirit.' — Edward Donnelly — Principal, Reformed Theological College, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Iain Murray:
'He is in daily life what he is in the pulpit.' — Iain Murray — Co-Founder of Banner of Truth, Edinburgh, Scotland
Joel R. Beeke:
'Al Martin's preaching excels in bringing home God's truth to the consciences of people.' — Joel R. Beeke — President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan
"My Heart for Thy Cause":
When Al Martin preaches he draws crowds to understand what God's Word has to say to them. Even those regarded as gifted preachers in their own right make time to hear him. How is it that someone stands out in this way? Brian Borgman has painstakingly researched a book ("My Heart for Thy Cause") that will help other preacher's to be used more greatly for God's glory.
Iain H. Murray:
"This is both a well-done distillation of Martin's teaching to students for the ministry, and presents the elements ever to be found in preaching which changes lives." — Iain H. Murray, founder and trustee of Banner of Truth
The Reformed Theological Review:
Every preacher should take the time to read Borgman's book. It is a deeply satisfying theology of preaching - more satisfying than anything else I've read ... a stunning compendium of pastoral theology in a typically Martin's reformed and Puritan style that is effective and powerful in this the 21st century. — The Reformed Theological Review.