Bridges on Proverbs 13:1
Charles Bridges on Proverbs 13:1

1.  A wise son heareth his father’s instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke.
SUCH a wise son in filial reverence was Solomon himself. (Chapter 4:3, 4.) The connection however of instruction with rebuke mainly points us to that instruction which is obtained by discipline.† Here then we turn to our great Exemplar. Was not he a wise son, when his ears were opened to his Father’s discipline? (Isaiah 50:5.) How did he condescend to this painful school to “learn obedience”! (Hebrews 5:8.) How good is it in our daily practical walk to keep our eyes steadily fixed on him, following him closely in this child-like habit!
But the proud spirit does not easily bend. He has never heard his father’s instruction with deference. Soon therefore he takes “the scorner’s seat.” (Psalm 1:1.) When rebuke becomes necessary, he hears it not (Chapter 15:12); turns from it to his own course at the extreme point from wisdom (Chapter 12:1; 15:5), on the brink of ruin (Chapter 15:10; 29:1); carrying about him a fearful mark of reprobation! (1 Samuel 2:25.) Let me remember — If I am reluctant to hear the faithful rebuke of men, I am prepared to resist the rebuke of God. And how soon may this stubborn revolt bring his long-suffering to an end (2 Chronicles 36:16), and my soul to destruction! (Jeremiah 5:3. Zephaniah 3:2.) ‘From hardness of heart, and contempt of thy word and commandment, Good Lord, deliver me.’†